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The Russian caption for this photo reads,"On German land, the sniper girls avenge the Fascist animals." Media always puts the best face possible on the business of killing. Our media is no different, only more effective.

The events of 9/11 have given Mainstream Media an opportunity to bawl, beller, whine, commiserate, memorialize, serialize and special-report those events to death. It’s been good for business! Three thousand people died, but plenty of people die in wars: the Germans lost 3,000 lives a day 1939-1945 and 3,000 every day for another two years in the post-war POW camps; the Soviets lost 15,000 citizens a day (that number is correct) 1941-1945, with no acknowledgment from the West. I suppose the Soviet media should have made 7,300 times the fuss than our media made about 9/11, because the Soviets lost 7,300 times as many lives – and they whipped the Nazis to boot! But no, our American Media is the world champion crybaby war-mongering, narcissistic blathering, collagen-injected gaggle of play actors, pandering to an audience drugged out of its mind by the media’s own tedious and debasing lowest-common denominator drivel.

American Mainstream Media did every kind of reporting on 9/11 except report what actually happened and the causation thereof!

Towers 1 and 2 both imploded and exploded, like fireworks, cannonading hundreds of tons of pulverized concrete, furniture, glass and bodies, commencing at the top floors and progressing downwards. The implosions took out the gigantic steel core frames. The explosions blew apart and out the perimeter steel framing grid.

What actually happened is not unknown to those who have taken the time to review the evidence. For me, this was maybe 40 hours of books, DVDs and websites. These websites contain analysis by literally hundreds of degreed engineers and architects who prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that explosives took down those buildings:, and The sites include photographic data, evidence analysis, diagrams, blueprints, peer-reviewed articles and even a scientific journal devoted to 9/11. Most striking are the comments by super-qualified engineers, architects and pilots. Here are some of the more entertaining comments by degreed engineers:

“Steel and cement don’t make a decision to get out of the way and disintegrate because the big bad floors above decide they are going to come down so they better move out or it’s going to hurt! If a car hits a truck, the truck bumper doesn’t suddenly decide that the oncoming car is too heavy and that it better detach or get out of the way…When a car hits a semi truck at 20 mph., is it going to blow through the entire length of the truck when it hits? This is the lie they want you to buy, and they think by stating it twice that it must be true. And since they have stated it several times, then it really, really must be true.

“It was a great show for the sheep.”

“The law of conservation of momentum demands that the lower floors be blown out in advance from the path of the falling upper floors so that their inertia does not slow down their fall. This can easily be proven using simple high school physics. An engineering degree, architectural degree or PhD is not required to understand this.”

“Conservation of Momentum and Thermodynamics are not conspiracy theories.”

“A person has to be total stupid or in denial to accept the official account of all three buildings.”

“We design buildings to resist collapse, not to disintegrate at free fall speed.”

“Americans should be ashamed of their laziness and blank acceptance of a total whitewash.”

“The Laws of Physics are maintained throughout the universe, which includes NYC.

“Initial reaction on seeing the WTC collapse on TV was: “This is another Hollywood movie.” On being told that it was for real, I asked myself, ‘What kind of explosive material was in those airplanes?’ Very pleased that the building codes may continue to be useful.”

“My witnesses are Isaac Newton and Galileo Gelilei.”

“It is very clear that it was a very bad plan, as if it had been prepared for children…”

“Any claim of the third tower coming down as a result of an office fire is a slap in the face to every American. The current regime is essentially saying, ‘We can do anything we want and you can’t do a thing about it.’ A slap in the face.”

“We must stand up, even if our voices shake."

Building 7 imploded because the frame structure was fundamentally different than 1 and 2 and the demolition design objective was different. I will explain that in person if we meet, and I hope we do. All three buildings fell at free-fall speed. Building 7 was taller than the tallest building in Arizona with more mass than any two Arizona skyscrapers combined. Reduced to pulverized dust in 6.5 seconds.

Can I back up these claims? Talk is cheap, and how do you know I am not mistaken or a liar? The answer is: MONEY. I am offering money to those academics, architects, attorneys and engineers who can show I am incorrect.


ELIGIBILITY FOR $100/$1,000 CHALLENGE: Arizona licensed academics, architects, attorneys, engineers, fire fighters, peace officers, physicians and pilots. “Academic” means you are licensed by the Arizona State Board of Education to teach college-level mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, construction, materials science and engineering, fire protection, physics or chemistry. “Architect” means you are licensed by the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration and a member of the AIA. “Attorney” means you are an active member of the Arizona State Bar. “Engineer” means that you are licensed by the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration either as a mechanical, aerospace, fire, chemical, civil, electrical or materials engineer, and a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers. "Fire fighter" means that you are certified by the Arizona State Fire Marshall as a Fire Fighter I or II. "Peace Officer" means you are certified by the Arizona Peace Officer Standards And Training Board as an Arizona Peace Officer. "Physician" means that you are an M.D. or D.O. licensed by either the Arizona Medical Board or the Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners. "Pilot" means that you are licensed by the FAA as a commercial pilot. All applicants must be residents of Arizona and currently employed in their profession(s) in Arizona. No applicant may be an employee of the U.S. Government or any of its subcontractors or an employee of any of the individuals and organizations identified in Kevin Ryan's "The Top Ten Connections..." published in


1. The applicant must watch in their entirety three DVDs: “Blueprint for Truth”, “911 Mysteries” and "A New Standard For Deception" and review for seven minutes the “architects and engineers” page on the website and read Prof. Steven Jones’ paper "Fourteen Points...” as published on I will mail the DVDs to the applicant and the applicant must return the DVDs to me within 21 days of mailing, undamaged, with the applicant’s initials written with a felt pen on the top of the DVD.
2. The applicant must submit an affidavit signed by another Arizona professional licensed in the same discipline stating that, based on personal knowledge of the affiant, the applicant has watched the three DVDs in their entirety and reviewed the aforementioned web page for seven minutes and read the aforementioned paper.
3. The applicant must submit a Challenge Letter stating: A) the Arizona (or FAA) licensing organization of which he is a member and membership number; B) a statement that he has completed the reviews in 1) above; C) his professional conclusion that WTC Buildings 1, 2 and 7 collapsed due to aircraft impact and fire and not due to explosives; D) a 100-word report listing the scientific reasons why Buildings 1, 2 and 7 collapsed due to aircraft impact and fire; and D) a 100-word report listing his findings regarding 1) free fall through the path of greatest resistance, 2) origin, quantity and location of molten metals, 3) quantity and composition of pulverized dust; and 4) explosives/thermate markers in pulverized dust and steel. This letter may be published on my website and/or sent to the professional organizations in which applicant is a member or by which he is licensed.
4. Upon completion of 1-3 above, an applicant who qualifies as either an academic, architect, attorney, engineer, fire fighter, peace officer, physician or pilot will receive $100. An applicant who qualifies in any two of the aforelisted disciplines and who completes 1-3 for each discipline will receive $1,000, until the Challenge funds are depleted or until November 1, 2010, whichever occurs first.


ELIGIBILITY FOR $10,000 CHALLENGE: Arizona-licensed academics as defined above and all students in any one class of the academic's College of Engineering classes who have completed their first year of an Arizona college-level engineering program; Arizona licensed attorneys as defined above who are teaching law in an Arizona-licensed law school and all students in any one of the attorney's law school classes who have completed their first year of law school in Arizona; Arizona-licensed peace officers as defined above and all the students in any one of the officer's classes who have completed their first year of an Arizona four-year college criminology and criminal justice or criminal justice administration program. There must be a minumum of 10 students in the class and all students must participate. Each teacher and student is considered an applicant and each student must furnish a transcript proving their student status.

A. Applicants must comply with Rules 1-3 above, with exception of licensing of the student applicants. Instead of reading the one article in Rule 1 above, the teacher and each student must each select and read a different article from and identify that article next to their signature on the Arizona Licensed Professional Challenge Letter. All students and the teacher must spend a minimum of one hour together discussing their reviews of the materials in paragraph 1 above, including their investigation of their respective papers from the Journal of 911 Studies, prior to signing their Challenge Letter.
B. One Challenge Letter must be submitted and signed by the teacher and all students enrolled in the class with no dissenting statements or qualifications.
C. Each student and teacher must submit a separate affidavit from an Arizona Licensed Professional affirming that the applicant performed the investigation in paragraphs 1 and A above.
D. Challenge monies will be distributed pro rata to each applicant in the academic class, counting the teacher as one applicant and each student as one applicant, until the Challenge funds are depleted or until Jan. 1, 2009, whichever occurs first. I have dedicated $10,000 for the $100/$1,000 Challenge and another $10,000 for the $10,000 Challenge.

I believe the buildings collapsed due to explosives and not due to aircraft impact and fire. If, after reviewing the evidence, you conclude that I am wrong, you will have publicized my error and will be $100 or $1,000 or some fraction of $10,000 richer. If you conclude that I am right, you will have acquired something of greater value. If academics, architects, attorneys, engineers, fire fighters, peace officers, physicians and pilots do not confront the truth about 9/11, who will?

f you do not qualify as a licensed professional, you can partner with someone who does and split the award monies, providing the applicant discloses your name and contact information and the fact of your partnership in his Challenge Letter.

Contact Michael L. Shoen, 480-483-3537, I can provide forms for the affidavit and letter and can provide free notary services at my office. The $100/$1,000 Challenge was first posted July 1, 2008. The $10,000 Challenge was first posted July 13, 2008. I will publish all Challenge Letters received.


Robert Johnson wrote some good ones, including "Hellhound on My Trail". If you conclude that explosives were used, then....