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What Can I Do?

The Congressional race is heating up. I am in the blue car and, in the long run, will catch the red one.

What can I do? I can become a member of Congress and join with Ron Paul and, on certain issues, with others and add one more voice to the "No" chorus: No more new taxes, no more undeclared wars, no more printing-press funny-money deficit games, no more theft from the social security trust fund, etc. I can continue to spread the message of true conservatism and a limited federal government accountable to the people, and not vice-versa.

The amazing thing about my activism of the past eight years and that of other Ron Paul conservatives, is that we have made a difference -- in the Tea Party, the Liberty movement and, even in the platforms of my opponents. My Democratic opponent's positions on taxes are essentially those of a conservative Republican, and he even talks about jobs. Some of this is due to the messages of Ron Paul conservatives over the past several years.

Like my Democratic opponent, my Republican opponent claims he will slash taxes, but he goes further in that he claims he will leave military/defense spending untouched. So where will we cut expenditures -- social security, medicare, education or inner-city swimming pools? Both my opponents are silent on the issue of new manufacturing. I wonder if they understand it or have even thought about it. My Republican opponent comes from a family of financial managers whose investments include international corporations, arms, security and finance industries, all of which will benefit by corporate tax cuts, but our citizens will not. The financial managers will do well, but our citizens will languish in the sea of service industries and lost manufacturing.

My Republican opponent also claims that, if elected, he will "knock the hell out of Washington". This is a bit presumptive for a freshman Congressman, particularly for a young person with so little work experience and public-issue involvement. The people he "knock[s] the hell out of" will have to include his own family members, Washington D.C. prep-school chums, friends, and campaign contributors, because many of these are connected Washington D.C. and financial industry insiders. I am the only candidate with a history that demonstrates he will take on the federal government and the Washington D.C. aristocracy. If you have any doubt, click on this website's page "Government Crime" for an article which I wrote years ago "Government Is Organized Crime". My only connection to that "organization" is that I have publicly opposed it for eight years.

My Republican opponent, an attorney, twice makes the fantastic statement that "The Obama administration has worked harder to bring the masterminds of 9/11 into the United States than they have to keep drug smugglers, illegal aliens, and terrorists out." Doesn't my opponent want the "masterminds of 9/11" to stand trial in the United States? The murders and property crimes of 9/11 are the largest crimes of their type in the history of our country. Yet, nine years after, we have not only not tried any of the co-conspirators, we have not even charged them. Republicans, led by "Keep America Safe" Elizabeth Cheney and William Kristol, have blocked Attorney General Holder's attempts to do so. Why? Google "1993 WTC Salem" and you will begin to understand. A capital murder criminal defendant will be accorded substantial discovery rights which can uncover other co-conspirators as happened in the 1993 WTC bombing trial, specifically -- our own FBI. Google "atta mahmoud ahmed bob graham tenet" and you will understand more. Youtube "venice flying circus". The co-conspirators are not very far away. A logical conclusion is that the scriptwriters for my Republican opponent understand this, and possibly many of his financial contributors, including four original signatories of the 1998 PNAC [criminal] declaration. Wiki "PNAC", then Wiki each member and signatory or click on the link that follows for a revealing article I wrote on my opponent's link to 9/11. Link to the article here« Hard to believe, but true.

The sad thing about both my opponents is that they both want to drastically cut taxes with no plan to cut expenditures a like amount. This is a repeat of the George W. Bush policies which caused our national debt to soar from 5 Trillion to 10 Trillion during his eight years. The same thing happened during Reagan's presidency -- tax cuts without matching expenditure cuts created huge deficits. No one in Congress (but Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich) has the guts to oppose the monumental waste/misdirection of the military-industrial-governmental complex. Candidates just worship at its shrine. Sissies.

We need to work together. You need to be involved. Contact me to speak to you or your homeowners' association, book club, gun club, car club, garden club -- whatever. We have to let people know there is a way to overcome. I welcome questions from any angle.